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Business Card Design

Buttercup Bites

Business cards are an important aspect in the promotion of any business - they portray the professionalism of your business, whilst also informing of your products, services and contact details. 

This business card was designed on behalf of a newly developed business. The owner wanted to include her business logo, as well as images of the food that she will be selling.

As you can see, I have designed the card to suit her needs, with relevant contact information and the business logo in prime position on the front of the card.

The back of the card has provided space for her to promote her skills and products for sale...

...A perfect addition to support the business and inform the customer.

Loyalty Card Design

Cafe Corsa

Designed on behalf of a local café, this card supports the role of a business card, whilst also enabling the introduction of a loyalty scheme.

The card was designed with the current branding of the cafe in mind, with the exisiting logo, fonts and colours used throughout.

On the reverse of the card, I have included information that relates to the loyalty scheme, as well as icons that can be used to record the purchase of breakfasts made by the customer.

Where loyalty cards can be used, they are a great addition to the promotional element of any business, encouraging the customer to return, whilst also ensuring they keep hold of the card and any contact details included.

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