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Menu Design


The aim of this project was to take a previously designed menu and amend it to suit the current needs of the business. Unfortunately, the client did not have an original copy of the file, just a PDF version.

The task was set! So, using a PDF editor, I began working to ensure that the menu was updated as needed, seeking out the correct fonts for use and ensuring that the menu maintained the format and look desired by the client.

Ok, so undertaking work in a PDF editor is not the easiest of tasks - it certainly doesn't provide the freedom that I would have liked, but I do believe that the final looks pretty good!

Menu Design

Cafe Corsa

Designed on behalf of a local café, this menu showcases all meals and drinks offered by the business in an easy to read format that suits all who may require it's use.

My role in the project involved designing the menu with the provision of only the menu items that were to be included. I had to determine the layout, fonts and colours to be used within, and put this all together to create the final document shown.

The final design was achieved through 'trial and error', trialing various different colours and layouts to find one that worked, was liked by the client, and that enabled the professional outlay that was achieved.

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