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Posters & Information

Future Wealth Management

Designed on behalf of a local business. This poster informs and ensures to catch the eye of those walking past.

The aim of the poster was to inform the potential customer of the services of the business. It was designed as an A1 poster, to be used in an A Frame, positioned to the front of the office.

Designed and printed on coated paper, to reduce wear and tear from the elements, I am sure you will agree that it portrays professionalism and brand confidence perfectly!

Posters & Information

Cafe Corsa

Designed on behalf of a local café, this poster informs, ensuring that everyone who reads it is aware of the impending changes to opening hours.

The aim of the poster was to catch the attention of customers, whilst also remaining clear. The attraction element was achieved through the design and implementation of the clock. The required information was kept precise to enable ease of reading and information retention.

As a result, the café states that the use of the poster was successful, ensuring that customers were made aware of the changes as needed.

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