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Designed on behalf of top London Photographer, Jason Mitchell. This website is a tribute to his work and portrays his skill perfectly.

Jason was keen to delvelop a minimalistic site that provided a professional look and feel to his work, whilst also working to inform.

I worked alongside Jason to develop a site that did exactly as he wished. The finished site is a highly professional site, that informs the client, without overwhelming. It attracts and encourages contact from those who may wish to know a little more...

... Such a great experience, and a privilage to work with such a skilled individual.

Jason Mitchell Headshot Photography


Website Design


Website Design

Cafe Corsa

Designed on behalf of a local café, this website was created to improve the cafe's online presence and support the growth of it's customer base.

To begin with, I collated all relevant information from the client, including quantity of pages required and information to be included on each page. I then worked to ensure that a website was put together to display this information in a professional manner, whilst also portraying the characteristics of the café itself.

The final website has proven to be a great success - clear, concise and exactly as required by the customers of Café Corsa!

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