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Design by FJ

Web & Graphic Design

Who am I?


Welcome to Design by FJ! My name is Faye.


I strive myself on providing a personalised approach to all of your individual Web and Graphic Design needs, so felt it would be best if I introduced myself and tell you a little bit about me.

My Story

Firstly, I live in Gillingham with my family - there are 6 of us in total, plus our two wonderful little pets (A very noisy little dog, and a very cuddly little cat). I love my little life here. It's where my family and friends are, and will always be home!


As we all do, at the tender age of 16, I started working life as a Checkout Assistant in a local supermarket. This was suitable whilst I was at school, but as ever, the need to succeed got the better of me - Ambition is my middle name!


I have always had a passion for design, so because of this I decided to enrol in an Apprenticeship and began working for a local design company. This was great, and enabled me to develop my skills in relation to graphic and web design. I learnt all about aspects such as the use of HTML, and design layout, supporting in a variety of different projects, including brochure & magazine development, as well as website development and management.


Unfortunately, due to various reasons, I was unable to continue my journey in my apprenticeship, and so began a career in health and social care. I stayed in this career for over 10 years, eventually progressing to the stage where I was able to set up my own Social Care business. Although I had left the design career behind me, it remained a passion of mine, one which I carried through my career and implemented in my every day work. Although I was not a designer as such, I spent a great deal of time supporting the companies that I worked for in various graphic design areas required by a business, including the development of advertising, the development of business materials, such as business cards, and also the design and development of various training programmes. One great achievement of mine was the design and development of a training programme, that was to be used across the country to support this with their learning and introduction to the social care sector.


After over 10 years in the sector and the starting of my business, I received some news that would shake up my world forever! My daughter, who was just 3 at the time, had developed cancer. She is now doing well and is well on her way to being classed as 'cured' - that's 5 years in remission, but the news at the time meant travelling over to Florida for 2 months in order to enable her to receive the treatment that she needed. This put an unfortunate end to the business, and so the next chapter begins...


Upon returning from Florida, I needed a job (bills to pay!), so I began working for the wonderful place that is Cafe Corsa... Four years later and I'm still working there! It's been a great place to work, and has enabled me to continue my passion of design! Not only do I now work in the cafe, but I have supported the business to develop by undertaking a variety of different tasks. These tasks have involved developing them their own website, which I manage and update as needed, designing and developing various advertising posters and business cards, and also designing and developing a wonderful new menu! It's been great and has reminded me and reinforced my belief in myself as a graphic designer!


So, how did I get to the point of starting my own business? Well, that's my managers doing and the belief that he has in me and my abilities!


To cut it short, he told me that hospitality was not the sector for me and that I would be better suited in a role that used computers... This led me to thinking, why not? I am skilled in the area of graphic design, and it's something that I love to do!


And so, Design by FJ was born... Here's to new beginnings, a new way of life and doing something that I love!

Who am I?

Gillingham, Dorset. 

Email: | Tel: 07824 772514

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